Student Blogger – Matt Reilly – The benefits of university

21 Apr Student Blogger – Matt Reilly – The benefits of university

University is a great experience and provides so many opportunities. Not only do you gain academic knowledge and a degree but you also learn to be more independent and to stand on your two feet. If you’re thinking of applying and studying at a university then there are loads of benefits.

Firstly as I’ve mentioned, you gain independence, the majority of students live away from home at uni so you have to fend for yourself cooking etc. Living in halls/a student house with other students means you make lots of new friends. Universities are full of a wide range of students from all cultures and backgrounds which teaches you to get along with everyone.

Universities also have lots of societies and sports clubs which means fantastic opportunities. I’ve been part of a languages society, a charity and a media society. From these I’ve met students from all over Latin America, been on socials with them and improved my Spanish. With the media society (Forge) I have had some great opportunities covering local sport (Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield Steelers), the varsity event and I have been on the radio multiple times.

Furthermore these societies help you make loads of friends and to become part of a big group of like minded people, most societies and sports teams have socials throughout the year and meet weekly for activities and events.

The sports facilities are brilliant and there are so many teams, from popular sports like rugby and football to those you might never have tried like Korfball and Quidditch. There is also the annual event of Varsity, most universities have a rival university and play annually in a huge sports competition which is a highlight for many students.

Even if you’re not part of a sports team there is still lots of social sport and department sport to get involved with. University sports teams play in the BUCS league but unis also have intra mural leagues where different departments play each other, I play for my department – the journalism football team every week in a 6aside and 11aside league. There is also a Netball and touch rugby intra mural league.

In terms of your actual degree and your subject – university is a much more professional institute, more so than probably anywhere else you have studied. Your lecturers and teachers tend to be professionals in their subject and fields. Facilities at universities are fantastic, libraries are huge and there are buildings for most departments with state of the art technology and equipment.

Some universities offer the chance to study abroad so students can see how their subject is taught and what university life is like in a foreign country, I will hopefully be going to Spain next year to see what it’s like to be a student there.

University is a great experience, I am enjoying it and I am excited for the next two years of studying and Uni life. I have been part of societies, played intra mural level sport, lived with other students, got to know the city I’m studying in and become more and more independent.

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