School of East Asian Studies – Professor Hugo Dobson

Hugo Dobson is a Professor of Japanese Studies in the School of East Asian Studies.

His research interests are broadly divided into two strands. The first strand focuses upon Japan’s role in international relations, multilateral organisations and global governance, especially the G8 and G20. The second strand explores the role of images in shaping our understanding of international relations and Japan’s role in the world, from postage stamps and logos to TV programmes such as The Simpsons.

He has also recently published a third edition of the co-authored textbook Japan’s International Relations: Politics, Economics and Security, whilst conducting research for a new book on the role of former prime ministers in Japanese politics.

Hugo’s teaching philosophy:

“Everyone remembers a good teacher. For me, it was my A-level History teacher, Mr Kilkenny. Inspired by him, I try to encourage my students at Sheffield to question everything, look at events from a different angle and be passionate about a subject. To help me achieve this I have completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education at the University of Kent, and a Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at the University of Sheffield. These courses exposed me to new ways of thinking about teaching and learning and allowed me to create networks that have supported my teaching since. All my modules make use a wide range of activities based on the principles of enquiry-based learning whereby students take ownership of the learning process, identifying relevant questions and resources, forging and defending their own interpretations – all with the goal of ultimately becoming independent learners.”