Department of Politics – Professor Matthew Flinders

Matt Flinders is the founding director of the Crick Centre, president of the Political Studies Association of the UK, and an award-winning teacher known to incorporate piano recitals and magic tricks into his lectures.

He has won many awards and prizes for his work both as a teacher at the University of Sheffield and outside of his academic role. These include: Independent on Sunday ‘Book of the Year’ 2012 (for Defending Politics), a Senate Award (Collaborative Activities) (2013) and being appointed ‘Digital Democracy Champion’ by the Speaker of the House of Commons (2014).

On teaching, Matt writes:

“One of the best parts of being an academic is being able to teach and inspire students. My approach to teaching has always been based on the need to challenge and stimulate students and this is reflected in the way I approach both big lectures and small seminars. I am committed to a form of teaching that rejects traditional boundaries between research, teaching and impact and this is reflected in my Third Year module ‘Parliamentary Studies’. This was the first university module in the world to be formally accredited and co-taught by the Houses of Parliament and is now delivered in twenty-five universities across the United Kingdom.”

In addition to his academic work Professor Flinders writes a monthly blog for Oxford University Press and has written and presented several documentaries for BBCRadio 4.