Department of Philosophy – Professor Jenny Saul

Jenny Saul is a regular voice in the media, commenting on subjects such as race, gender, truth and lies. In 2011, Jenny was honoured to receive the Distinguished Woman Philosopher Award in Washington DC, however, her proudest accomplishment is having been a consultant on the script for a zombie movie.

Her primary interests are in Philosophy of Language and in Feminism. She has recently published a book entitled Lying, Misleading and What is Said: An Exploration in Philosophy of Language and in Ethics (Oxford University Press 2012). This argues that considering the distinction between lying and misleading – which seems to many an ethically significant one – can help to shed new light on methodological disputes in philosophy of language over notions like what is said, semantic content, assertion, impliciture, and expliciture.

Jenny is also the co-founder and co-blogger for the Feminists Philosophers¬†– a forum that focuses on gender biases. The forum’s Gender Conference Campaign¬†aims to highlight the lack of participation and representation of female philosophers at world events.