Department of Mechanical Engineering – Dr Kamran Mumtaz

Kamran Mumtaz is a lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Kamran’s research is in the area of additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing and rapid manufacturing), a layer by layer process which produces fully functionally parts directly from a CAD model.

Kamran has been involved in additive manufacturing since 2005 and specialises in metals process and materials development. He has worked with a number of additive manufacturing technologies such as Selective Laser Melting, Direct Metal Laser Sintering and Electron Beam Melting processing a variety of aluminium, cobalt, nickel, steel and titanium alloys for aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

He has completed a range of research projects, publishing widely and winning two international best paper awards. He has worked closely with industry users of additive manufacturing, focusing on understanding limitations of the technology in a manufacturing environment and commercialisation of new materials.