Department of landscape – professor nigel dunnett

Nigel Dunnett specialises in planting design to create dynamic, dramatic and uplifting landscapes, and to combat the affects of climate change and urbanisation.

The promotion of urban environments that are rich in vegetation and nature is central to his teaching and research. This work combines and integrates his background and experience in both horticulture and ecology. While ecological ideas in landscape architecture have usually been applied at the larger scale, Nigel’s focus is generally at the smaller scale: in gardens, urban parks, and on and around buildings and in high-density built development. All aspects revolve around exciting and novel uses of plants, planting design and application of ecological ideas to achieve low-input, dynamic, diverse, colourful and ecologically-tuned urban landscape.

Some of his recent design and consultancy activity includes The Barbican Roof Garden, The John Lewis Rain Garden and the London 2012 Olympic Park.