Department of journalism – professor marie kinsey

Marie has been teaching broadcast journalism since 1995 and joined the department in September 2001 as course leader for MA Broadcast Journalism. Her teaching gets students to do journalism, to go out and find stories and turn them into great radio, television and online items, but to reflect upon and analyse how journalism works in a multimedia world.

Marie first stepped into a newsroom as a junior reporter on the Peterborough Evening Telegraph in 1975 after training at what was then Richmond College, Sheffield. She qualified as a senior in 1977 and landed a first job in radio at BRMB in Birmingham in 1979, reporting and presenting bulletins. In 1982 she moved to London to freelance while taking a degree in philosophy and economics, and worked at Independent Radio News, LBC, BBC Radio London and Capital Radio. Straight after completing the course she became Deputy Financial Editor at IRN/LBC and spent the next fifteen years covering business, finance and economics and winning a Wincott Award for Excellence in Financial Journalism along the way in 1989.

After IRN, Marie joined Thames TV as co-presenter and reporter on The City Programme then moved back to LBC to present The Business Programme. In 1991 she became one of the BBC’s first regional bi-media business and industry correspondents working for BBC local radio and regional television in the south-east. She has also worked on other BBC business programmes on Radio 4 and 5 Live including Wake up to Money and Financial World Tonight.