Department of Computer Sciences – Dr Dirk Sudholt

Dirk is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and the head of the Algorithms research group. Dirk has been awarded the Teacher of the Year Award for the past two years which is voted for by students in the Department. He teaches first year courses on computer architectures, providing students with fundamental knowledge about how computers work, and an introduction to algorithms and data structures, empowering students to design and analyse algorithms that solve computational problems efficiently.

His research focuses on nature-inspired algorithms such as genetic and evolutionary algorithms and swarm intelligence. These algorithms mimic concepts found in nature and serve as powerful general-purpose tools for solving a wide range of optimisation problems. The aim of Dirk’s research is to understand their fundamental working principles, to discover on which problems they work well and why, and how to improve their efficiency. Dirk has won 8 best paper awards at leading international conferences.