Chemical and Biological Engineering – Dr Rachael Rothman

Rachael Rothman is a senior lecturer in Chemical Engineering and the Faculty Director for Women in Engineering.

Her main research interests lie in whole systems analysis, clean energy technologies and thermochemical and electrochemical cycles for hydrogen production and carbon dioxide utilisation.

On the subject of her research, Rachael said:

One of the great things about my research is that I can explain it to anybody I meet. Everyone understands that Carbon Dioxide is a problem in the atmosphere with global warming and greenhouse gases. If we can actually take that Carbon Dioxide, recycle it, produce fuel from it, then when you burn that fuel you produce Carbon Dioxide again creating a neutral cycle. In order to do it you need quite a lot of energy and so we’re looking at how you harness renewable energy to then make this neutral carbon cycle.

Rachael is also a former member of the British Orienteering team. She’s taken part in 7 world championships and won two gold medals. Although now retired, she still loves to go orienteering and is actively involved in coaching local and university athletes and is a mentor on the University Elite Sports Performance Scheme.